13. Bursting with Emotion

... another time, kissing my hand; still another time, bursting with emotion, I wanted to swallow myself by opening my mouth very wide and turning it over my head so that it would take in my whole body, and then the Universe, until all that would remain of me would be a ball of eaten thing which little by little would be annihilated: that is how I see the end of the world. Divine offered herself to the night in order to be devoured by it tenderly and never again spewed forth. She is hungry.

... from Jean Genet "Our Lady of the Flowers" 

Deliriously, 2010-oil, gouache, cuts and fragments of photography on paper, 50 cm x 65 cm

The Shinning Moon, the Dead Oak Tree, Nights like this Appeal to me, 2010-oil, glitter, gouache and fragments of photography on paper, 70 cm x 45 cm

For the Sake of Happiness and Pleasure, 2010-oil, gouache, glitter and fragments of photography on paper, 24 cm x 35 cm

ANTHONY (deliriously):
"o joy! O bliss! I have beheld the birth of life! I have seen the beginning of motion! My pulses throb even to the point of bursting! I long to fly, to swim, to bark, to bellow, to howl! Would that I had wings, a carapace, a shell, -that I could breathe out smoke, wield a trunk, -make my body writhe, -divide myself everywhere, -be in everything, -emanate with odors, -develop myself like plants, -flow like water, -vibrate like sound--shine like light,squatting upon all forms--penetrate each atom--descend to the very bottom of matter, -be matter itself!"
(Day at last appears; -and, like tabernacle curtains uplifted, clouds of gold uprolling in broad volutes unveil the sky)

...from Gustave Flaubert "The Tempttion of Saint Anthony"

* all the photographs have been taken by Cris Bierrenbach