28. 'White Blur' . Phoebus Rotterdam

2017 . Célio Braga. 'White Blur' . Phoebus Rotterdam

01. White Blur, 2017 . Installation View (detail)

Célio Braga's path has been marked by the ability to redefine and to expand fluidly conventional categories such as photography, sculpture and textiles among others. These media are pushed to the limit and beyond, through successive trials and by the employment of unusual materials and craft techniques.
Conceptually he deals with the following topics: the fragility of the body, healing rituals, the irrevocable passage of time, processes of disappearance, the silencing of materials and words, the definitive nature of death, grief and sexuality.

02. Burning with Emotion (Triumeg), 2016  . Perforations, threads, gouache and color pencil on medicine information leaflets on cotton . 61 x 42 cm .

"Let's reflect on his minutely carved - as I never saw it - papers: he cuts and perforates in white paper and photos - his paper works are often layered reliefs and therefore they have tangibility, like objects. However the work concerns fragility - to the point of disappearing...
The white works look abstract and minimalistic, but glow of organic growings that refers to nature, for instance to the beauty of flower petals or to a jungle of foliage, but also to different structures of the skin with small blobs, pores and shedding; or to the inside of our bodies with organs and intestines.
The subtility is clear from the different patterns in the white paper, but also from the combination of the white paper and photography: the furrows in the paper and on the photo look alike, trails of paper and photo print gracefully intertwine, and a piece of a pink photo has a counterpart in a little, drawn with colour pencil. Basically all works are skin.

Some works are related to 'medicines'. Like in the two-part work 'Burning with Emotion (Triumeq)', 2016; with perforated paper, textiles threads, gouache and colour pencil, all in/on medical instructions or use (42 x 61 cm). Triumeq is a medicine that is used against HIV and aids. The texts of the instructions are readable, together with the perforated texts of Gustave Flaubert's 'The Temptation of Saint Anthony'."

Mirjam de Winter . Rotterdam . 2017

03. White Blur, 2017 . Installation View (detail).

04. Untitled, 2017 . Cuts, carvings, embossing and perforations on paper . 30 x 21 cm

05. Untitled, 2017. Cuts, carvings, perforations, embossing and oil stains on paper . 30 x 21 cm

06. Untitled, 2016 . Cuts, carvings, embossing, perforations, color pencil and oil stains on paper. 42 x 30 cm

07. Untitled, 2016 . Cuts and carvings on paper . 30 x 21 cm

08. Untitled, 2017 . Cuts, carvings, perforations and embossing on paper . 65 x 50 cm

09. Untitled, 2017 . Cuts, carvings, perforations and embossing on paper . 65 x 50 cm

10 . White Blur, 2017 . Installation View (detail)  - 'Those Two', 2002/2017 . Sewn and embroidered white shirts .